Financial/Budget Services


Starry’s proven track record in partnering with federal agencies sets a new standard for financial management excellence. We help federal agencies achieve organization-wide accountability, including clean audit opinions, compliance with open government, and transparency initiatives (e.g., DATA Act). We enable efficient financial operations from budget formulation through general ledger management, budget execution, program management, procurement, and performance management.

We actively refresh financial system technologies for our federal clients, including implementation of shared services and cloud migration to stay current on evolving requirements for financial operations and new system platforms and standards. Our CGFMs, PMPs, business and IT consultants are expert in anticipating, understanding, and resolving federal financial management business questions.

Accounting Services and Expertise:
  • Government purchase card management, accounting, and auditing
  • General ledger support
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable support
  • Financial statement generation
  • Accounting transaction processing
  • Facilitate reconciliation of the daily, monthly and year-end cycles
  • Assist in the development of policies and procedures for accounting transaction reporting
  • Review and analyze business processes and accounting practices
  • Assist in the development of policies and procedures for credit card management and audits, travel, debt collection
  • Assist in resolving and implementing audit findings from internal and external organizations
  • Establish policies and procedures and business processes for administrative accounting functions
  • Support federal government organizations in their conversion of financial management and accounting systems
  • Support the integration of new financial management and accounting solutions

Federal Budget Services:
  • Assist in formulating the budget and the tracking of all changes and iterations
  • Create audit trails of all changes as the budget moves through the approval processes
  • Track actual expenditures and compare to the established budget
  • Conduct business process reviews associated with the budget cycle
  • Develop budgetary controls
  • Assist in resolving budget formulation and execution issues
  • Assist in developing budget policies
  • Assist in the preparation of A-11, including Exhibit 300
Complementary Financial Management Services:
  • Review financial management systems and make recommendations for improvements
  • Assist in performing financial management system data clean-up
  • Identify system requirements and provide requirements documentation
  • Perform cost benefit analysis of alternative solutions and make recommendations
  • Develop performance measures and mechanisms for implementation
  • Document systems and the business processes that the systems support
  • Assist in resolving audit recommendations
  • Analyze and make recommendations to streamline and improve financial management processes
  • Assist in the development of financial policies and practices
  • Support all aspects of an agency meeting its financial management system needs
  • Gap analysis of financial management system solutions and an agency's requirements
  • Support the implementation of financial management and accounting system solutions
  • Design and develop financial reports